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Welcome to my Page!
To Be A Viking I Must…
Thank you for your generous donations for Operation Christmas Child.  The 5th grade packed 56 boxes! What a great opportunity to help other children around the world.

Happy Thanksgiving:  
I hope everyone had a safe and enjoyable holiday with family and friends.  I am thankful for a great class of students who want to learn.
This Week:
This week our class will consider the question "What can a scientist learn by observing the behaviors of a particular animal?'  Our main selection, the information text Cougars, introduces students to one of North America's most mysterious and agile predators.  Also included in this week's readings is Purr-fection, a collection of poems about cats.  Students will see how a poet's words can paint vivid images.

Target Vocabulary:  
unobserved, available, detecting, mature, ferocious, resemble, particular, vary contentment, keen

Vocabulary Strategy:
  Shades of meaning

Comprehension Skill: Main ideas and details - identify a topic's important ideas and supporting details
Comprehension Strategy: Monitor/clarify - as you read, notice what isn't making sense and find ways to figure out the parts that are confusing

Spelling: Schwa sound + final r
Spelling words are sent home with students on Mondays.  Spelling list is located on Home Letter in students' take home folders.
Writing Focus:  fact - based opinion writing

Grammar:  Unit 3 Verb Tenses - Part 1 test Thurs. Dec. 1

Vocabulary Workshop:
  Unit 7 Blue Vocab Book - 

Math: Ch. 8 Fractions and Decimals
In this chapter, students will learn how to find the Greatest Common Factor and the Least Common Multiple.  Students will learn how to compare and simplify fractions and how to write them as a decimal.

Vocabulary: least common multiple (LCM), greatest common factor (GCF), simplest form, least common denominator (LCD)

Social Studies: Spanish Exploration
In this unit, students will examine accounts of early European explorations of North America.

AR:  Accelerated Reader:  
Please encourage your child to read at least 20 minutes every night.  Students have set their goals for the first quarter.  Every Friday, students will write down how many points they have for the quarter so far.  Please sign and return AR graphs on Mondays. 

AM:  Accelerated Math: 
Students are required to get one scan above 80% a week.  Students may complete AM at home and scan at school. Every Friday, students will write down how many scans they have for the quarter.  AM graphs need to be signed and returned on Mondays.  

Think Central
Think Central is the website for our Journeys Reading textbook.  Students are able to access the weekly reading story as well as other resources.  Please use the Think Central link to the right.  The weekly vocabulary and comprehension test will be administered sometimes through the website.  After the test, students receive immediate feedback and can go over questions that they missed.  Please visit the site.

McGraw-Hill My Math

This year, your child will be building important math skills.  You can help your child practice math skills taught at school by accessing resources through ConnectED site.  Please use the link to the right to connect to the site.  An informational letter was sent home with your child's username and password.  Once on the site, you and your child can access personal tutors, animations, games, tools, and Math at Home worksheets.

Renaissance Learning
This website is a great tool to help stay informed about your child's progress in AR and AM.  Use the link to the right to access the site.  An informational letter will be sent home last week. The letter provides information on how to receive email notifications when your child has taken an AR test or scanned for AM.  It's a very helpful tool.
Upcoming Events

Thursday, Dec. 1 - Part 1 Verbs test
Friday, Dec. 2 - L-10 spelling test
                         L-10 comprehension test


Contact Me!
Cathy Sopcisak

Created: Oct 14, 2012
Updated: Nov 28, 2016
Viewed 4165 times

Contact Me!
Cathy Sopcisak

Created: Oct 14, 2012
Updated: Nov 28, 2016
Viewed 4165 times

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