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Photos below
5-14-17 Happy Mother's Day! Monday, students must share their Invention Research with their homeroom teacher. Thursday, they should have their model or poster of their invention with at least 5 facts for display. We will have the 'Invention Convention' Friday afternoon to see everyone's hard work.
Our class earned 25 Viking Vouchers, which means they earned an incentive. The class voted, and decided to have electronics day on Friday, May 19th. Way to go, kids!
5-5-17 A few of my recent posts were lost in the update of our school website. I am sending a link to the new page for you to bookmark. I could not use the old bookmark any longer with the update. Research Reports on the 1750-1870 inventions are due on Monday, May 15th; Models and posters are due Thursday, May 18th for presentation on Friday, May 19th.
3-17-17 Citizenship visual and presentation must be ready by Friday, April 7th following spring break. Go to the Social Studies tab and scroll to the attachments section to find the letter given out last October and the Score sheet I will use to assess the project.

2-24-17 ISTEP testing begins Monday. Please make every effort to get enough sleep, be to school on time, and eat a healthy breakfast.  

2-13-17  ISTEP UPDATE...We will be completing a mandatory practice test by Feb. 24th. The actual ISTEP testing window begins Monday, February 27th through Friday, March 11th. Please make every effort to keep absences to a minimum (barring sickness of course!).

2-10-17 Happy Valentine's Day! Don't forget lunch/drink for our field trip Tuesday!

Box tops due Feb. 22- please trim and make groups of 50. 

PTO MEETING MONDAY 2-13-17 3:30 in the cafeteria.

1-4-16 Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a relaxing and fun break. Time to kick it in gear to finish the last two quarters strong!!

11-27-16 Chorus and Percussion will be participating in the Christmas Concert Thursday, December 8th at 7 pm.

**Please return your Nutcracker permission slips as soon as possible. Remember, this is at no cost to you. Mr. Bond has graciously funded it for us to support our fellow classmate!

11-8-16 Veterans Day program is Friday, November 11th at 9:30. Come help us honor and celebrate our veterans!!  Students should wear their Bicentennial Shirts that day!

Please remember to send in any donations for Operation Christmas Child as soon as possible so we can see what we must do to supplement the shoeboxes. Thanks in advance for your generosity.

10-7-16  Oct 24-28 is Red Ribbon Week


  • I’m Too Bright for Drugs, wear bright neon colors


  • Sock it to Drugs, silly sock day

  • Drug free posters, poems, songs, and raps due to office


  • Hats off to healthy bodies, wear a favorite hat


  • Team up Against Drugs, wear your favorite team gear

Students may perform poems, songs, and raps during lunch


  • United Against Drugs, wear red, white and blue

  • Announce poster contest winners

  • Students may perform poems, songs, and raps during lunch

9-15-16 I am trying to add important test dates and assignments to the calendar on the PROFILE tab above for your convenience. I will try to keep this up along with the weekly updates on the pages for more detail. Please contact me if you have any suggestions or comments about the communication with parents. I am always looking for ways to improve. Thanks for your input.

9-5-16 In researching the Blue Grammar/Blue Vocabulary sites tonight, I realized they made it easier to use the site!  Click on my Blue Grammar or Blue Vocabulary link on the right; Click Log in; Scroll down to purple area and click 'Let's go!' Choose the second on the right (Blue Grammar); Choose Blue; Scroll down for resources such as practice quizzes and games to review.

****Please be sure you are initialing agenda each night to foster good habits.  Our goal is to have independent 5th graders who can survive without much prodding from the adults!


See the right margin under class documents to find an easy way to support our school.

See the right column to check out some web links.  Let me know what you think.

You may use my username and password to practice ready made flashcards or make your own for a subject you need.  These are great for vocabulary review!

If you click on dashboard, I have some marked as favorites to study for states and capitals.

Username: sdis
Password:  Trojans
**this is case sensitive!
Weekly Agenda

8-5-16 See my math page...thought it would make update notification easier because it tells you what page I updated. 


Spelling, Grammar and Writing are important skills to apply in every subject area.  Students are expected to apply communication skills throughout the school day. 

Complete sentences, correct spelling of words taught, and correct punctuation are the best way to be an effective communicator.  Your child can expect for me to help improve these skills even though I do not teach that subject.  Mrs. Lillie and I are a team to reinforce these necessary skills.


Daily Specials...10:00-10:45
Mon- Computer


Tues- Art


Wed- Library


Thur- Music


Fri- PE

See my profile  for school calendar items, days off, etc.

Welcome back!
Thanks for checking out our class webpage.  I try to update the site frequently as one more tool to keep communication lines open as to what is happening in the classroom.  Check back often to stay informed of content we are covering, project/activity guidelines and requirements, and test dates.

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