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We are using the Journeys Reading Series and Vocabulary Workshop to work on vocabulary development, fluency, and comprehension skills.  We will read a variety of grade level appropriate classic and contemporary literature.  Reading comprehension and target story vocabulary words test are every Friday. Students should reread the Anchor text story every Thursday.

January 9-13
We begin this week by considering the question "In what ways can illustrations enhance a reader's experience?"  In the realistic fiction story Lunch Money, Greg is surprised to find himself teaming up with his rival, Maura, to create comic books to sell at school.  Students will enjoy reading the informational text Zap!  Pow! : A History of the Comics and using a comics time line.

Target Vocabulary:  record, mental, launch, assuming, episodes,  developed, feature, incredibly, villains, thumbed

Vocabulary Strategy:  
Word origins

Comprehension Skill:  Author's purpose - use text details to figure out the author's viewpoint and reasons for writing.

Comprehension Strategy:  Monitor/ clarify as you read, notice what isn't making sense and find ways to figure out the parts that are confusing


Spelling tests will be every Friday. If a student receives a 100% on their pre-test, then they will move onto the advanced spelling list for the week.

Spelling list- cellar, flavor, cougar, chapter, mayor, anger, senator, passenger, major, popular, tractor, thunder, pillar, border, calendar, quarter, lunar, proper, elevator, bitter

Challenge words-  stellar, clamor, tremor, circular, adviser

Chapt. 8 - Fractions and Decimals

Students will:
-Learn how to find the Greatest Common Factor
-Learn how to find the Least Common Multiple
-Learn how to compare and simplify fractions and how to write them as a decimal

Math Vocabulary:  least common multiple (LCM), greatest common factor (GCF), simplest form, least common denominator (LCD)

*Please practice multiplication facts with your child.  We are working towards mastering 80 facts in 2 minutes.  

*Every student has an AM goal set of needing to achieve 9 scans this 9 weeks.  For a scan to count students must obtain a percentage of 80% or higher.

This 9weeks we will be using the FOSS Sun, Moon, and Stars Module Kit.  We'll start with the Sun and use a variety of tools to observe and record its position in the sky.  To orient our observations, we'll use a compass.  And to monitor the Sun, we will use our shadows.  While use the language that the Sun rises in the east and sets in the west, we know that it really isn't the Sun moving but the rotation of Earth on its axis that makes it appear that the stationary Sun is moving across the sky.  We will be studying the predictable pattern of the Sun as it travels across the sky during the day and during different seasons.

Then we will study the Moon.  We will start as a class by observing the Moon during the day and follow that up with night-sky observations.  Since we aren't in school at night, this mist be a homework assignment.  As a bridge to what we have been studying in class, students will look for the Moon and other objects in the night sky when they are at home.

To make night-sky observations, take your child outside at about the same time each evening (when it's dark) and observe the sky.

Student Agendas
All items circled or highlighted in student agendas are homework and items checked off were completed in class. Students should get their agendas signed every evening. 
Specials Schedule

*Specials are 10:00-10:45
Important Dates
Nov. 4 Begin Night Sky Observations
Nov. 10  Corporation Board Meeting
Nov. 11 Veteran's Day Program 9:30am
Nov. 11 Father/Daughter Dance 7pm-9:30pm
Nov. 14 PTO meeting 3:30pm
Nov. 24-25 Thanksgiving Break
Dec. 3 PTO Craft Show
Dec. 22-Jan. 3 Winter Break

*Cash For Trash-  Please collect and send in Box Tops for Education, Campbells Labels for Education, Tyson Labels, and Snappy Proof of Purchase.

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Photo Gallery
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Lori Robinson

Created: Dec 3, 2010
Updated: Jan 10, 2017
Viewed 1603 times

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